Modular Instrument Enclosures



ThermaGuard Enclosures

Standardized installation
Engineered instrument enclosures for winterization





ThermaGuard Features

  • Allows instruments & bundle to be installed ahead of the enclosure
  • Can be installed before or after the instrument & tubing bundle
  • Parts can be individually replaced
  • Can be installed all at once or in stages
  • Pre-Engineered Holes for conduit & tubing bundles simplify installation
  • Enclosure can be installed piecemeal allowing for greater access to the instrument & tubing
  • Optional 1″(2.54cm) Polyisocyanurate or 10 -20mm Pyrogel removable insulation
  • Lowers the total install cost & reduces schedule delays

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ThermaGuard Heater & Patented Mounting Bracket

  • 60% faster heater installation in under 2 minutes
  • 360° universal mounting bracket for single or dual instrument installations
  • Heater can be mounted or removed at any time using only 2 mounting bolts
  • Compact and efficient design for easier installation and instrument access
  • Patented mounting clip allows for heater to be mounting in vertical or horizontal orientations





Patented Retrofittable Design

ThermaGuard design allows for enclosure replacement without taking the instrument offline.

Construction Efficiency

Instrument can be mounted, plumbed and calibrated in the field before the enclosure housing is installed.
Historically offsite integration creates a break in the construction schedule of 2-3 weeks.

Quick connect system

Simplifies the installation process with an integrated pipe stand bracket which allow for easy enclosure removal without disrupting the instrument operation. Extensive & expensive mounting bracketry is no longer required.

Self Aligning Manifold Design

Integrated bundle, power wire, and control wire entries.

Value Driven

TIC estimated to be 30% below current market offerings.




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Simplified Maintenance

The Problem

Rigid Enclosures provide a controlled environment where instrumentation is mounted inside an insulated hard-shell enclosure. Once the enclosure is fitted with the instrument, the enclosure is then fixed to a pipe stand and plumbed with an impulse tube carrying a sample of the process. This design creates issues for the owner should the enclosure ever need to be replaced. Read More

In a replacement scenario, the instrument has to be taken offline, removed and fitted for the new enclosure. Total installation time for the transmitter, manifold and bundle can take upwards of 20 field man-hours (2 men – 1 day) per transmitter. On larger projects the instrumentation and manifolds are free issued to an offsite integrator for fitting and then sent back to the field. Integration services are provided by the enclosure manufacture can cost roughly $600/ Unit. Afterward, the instrument be plumbed in the field with the process tubing and calibrated for final commissioning. This fragmented supply chain approach typically causes delays and slipped schedules.

Soft Enclosures which are a sewn seam or hog ring construction, are a custom fitted solution. These blankets have many air gaps and rarely limit heat loss enough to stop a freezing event. In addition, these blankets are almost never properly re-installed after they have been removed by operations.

The Solution

Terrapin’s patented design of the ThermaGuard significantly simplifies the installations of rigid enclosures by providing an alignment manifold with pre-set holes for power wiring, control wiring, and process tubes. This allows for a complete installation in the field inclusive of process tubing, electrical, block heaters, calibration and testing without the need of offsite integration and schedule breaks. Read More

Once the Terrapin ThermaGuard manifold is set and instrument is fitted to the pipe stand, the ThermaGuard outer shell is then attached to the ThermaGuard manifold via a quick connect design. With value driven unit costs, removing inefficiencies in the supply chain and reducing installation complexity, ThermaGuard aims to reduce the TIC per instrument by 30%. This number becomes significant when you’re looking at a facility with 500+ instrument enclosures